Project Showcase

The following select projects showcase data products built with Shiny -a powerful web framework for building web applications using R - and the MEAN Stack. Both help you turn your analyses into interactive web applications.

We created a virtual assistant, Malik, that helps Cradle to Career Cincinnati's navigate Cincinnati's complex educational ecosystem by recommending organizations, providing links to useful tools, and translating educational lingo.


Captures the structure of the Cincinnati education support networks and reveals key priorities. Visualizes the informal networks within the ecosystem and see how work really gets done.

Parents have a lot of responsibilities in life, but one of the most important is supporting the education and growth of their children. This tool is provided by Strive Partnership as a resource to help parents ensure their child receives the best possible education by helping them find an appropriate school.

RapidPDSA is a purpose build online platform that connects innovative instructional designers and researchers with teachers and administrators, to apply and validate new learning strategies to improve student outcomes using a data-driven continuous improvement framework.

A social media analysis tool that uses natural language processing and text analysis to extract, and identify sentiment, emotion, popular terms, reputation from Twitter.

An interactive data portal for the CARICOM group of countries. the tool allows you to identify patterns and correlations by drilling down into charts, maps and graphs for more detail.