Supporting Digital Transformation in Education

Digital learning for all

Ntale is dedicated to the pursuit of new ideas, products, and services that support technological growth in the education sector.

Digital Learning Lab (DLL)

Digital technologies are increasingly being used across the education sector, but many educational institutions have not embraced their potential to enhance educational practice and transform the learning experience. Our digital learning lab in Rwanda supports digital transformation in schools and the learning ecosystem. Our DLL focuses on reenvisioning education using technology in transformative ways.

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Current Projects

The LearnBox is an open-source all-in-one micro-learning server designed for places where power and internet are not always available or readily accessible. The LearnBox provides schools with a low-cost, low-power eLearning solution that doesn’t require high-speed internet connections.

eLearning Circles (In Development)

Data-Driven eLearning Platform. Our eLearning Circles platform helps instructional coaches and teachers collaboratively engage in a continuous process of instructional improvement and analysis, making the process of instructional development easy and cohesive.

The Rwanda School Explorer is an information and evaluation platform that allows users to geo-locate schools and access relevant data, not only about the school but also the surrounding community. The tool is designed to help parents, NGOs, and other educational organizations gain insight into local schools and their surroundings.


We are actively seeking partnerships in the education sector to increase our impact and scope. If you would like to partner with us, please reach out.