Putting data to work for everyone

Big data is everywhere, from healthcare and entertainment to sports and education, but for big data to truly help the masses, it must be collected, analyzed, visualized, and synthesized into tools to provide public benefit.

RECENT Projects

The virtual assistant, Malik, helps Cradle to Career Cincinnati's navigate Cincinnati's complex educational ecosystem by recommending organizations, providing links to useful tools, and translating educational lingo.

LearnBox is an opensource device designed as a build your own portable low-cost all-in-one eLearning solution that allows anyone, anytime to access high quality eLearning regardless of bandwidth

An online platform that connects innovative instructional designers and researchers with teachers and administrators, to apply and validate new learning strategies to improve student outcomes using a data-driven continuous improvement framework.

Parents have a lot of responsibilities in life, but one of the most important is supporting the education and growth of their children. This tool is a resource to help parents ensure their child receives the best possible education by helping them find an appropriate school.


Our valued clients include foundations, non profit and research organizations